About Bob

His  career path began as a teenager with a dream to become a police officer. He achieved that dream and spent 15 years as a law enforcement officer.

Another dream was realized at 43 years old, when he put himself through law school and became an attorney that has practiced at the Federal and State level for 11 years here in our local area.

Now, it is time for the ultimate position in our judicial system and that is to become a Circuit Court Judge.

As a law enforcement officer Bob  has witnessed the impact of crimes against good people. He has seen the devastation that criminals inflict upon the communities that they live in. And he knows firsthand what the challenges are for law enforcement officers.

Bob knows what it is to have to tell the parents of a teenager that their child has died in an accident. He knows firsthand what it is to look in the eyes of a victim of sexual assault. And he knows what it is to arrest and assist in the prosecution of criminals of all levels, from first degree murder to DUI.

He also knows firsthand what it is to see a family devastated by false accusations. He is acutely aware of the affects and effects of the law from all sides. It is this invaluable experience that he will bring to the bench that makes him uniquely qualified to be elected as Circuit Judge.

As an attorney he has seen the system when it works at its best and when it fails.

His career path has shown him the best and the worst in people.

Being inside the courtrooms at the Circuit level on a daily basis gives him an acute awareness of the process and the role that everyone inside those courtrooms must perform. From the attorneys to the accused, to the law enforcement officers to the Judge. Being inside our jails and prisons continuously, he knows what goes on inside those walls as well.

It is three decades of experience within our justice system that Bob brings to the honored position of Circuit Judge. To have this immeasurable insight that can only be gained through actual hands on work will give all of those that will come into a courtroom that he will preside over Justice Uncompromised.

Anyone that knows Bob personally knows that he is in no way a politician. They will tell you that he will make an outstanding Judge.

Bob’s  commitment to you is to never compromise the law. To always listen to everyone that comes before the court. And to continue to find ways to enhance our judicial system to the benefit of our community.